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“This has been the trend since 2000, when Pantone announced the color of the year every 1st week of December of each year.

The 2023 Color of the Year was Viva Magenta. In a single sentence, the descriptions of the chosen colors are as follows: a shade rooted in nature, descending from the red family, and expressive of a new signal of strength.

Much of what was said could be due to an attempt to inject energy into our lives after three years of living with a pandemic. However, perhaps it could be too much of a stretch when they also include war, an unstable economy, social unrest, supply chain breakdowns, and mounting climate change.

Who is to say that a single color is the representation of all of the above issues? And what happens when 2023 comes to an end? Will a new color ensue with the same narrative, or will a new script appear?”

And the 2024 color of the year is…
By Darren Yeo

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